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Well, it's been a two year hiatus. Lots of adventures and challenges in that time, though not much action on this site, sorry to say. We have made yet another iteration between Africa and the U.S., and are once again in West Africa, this time Togo. Still bandwidth challenged, still using the djb way.

Some news:

* Daniel Bernstein has released qmail into the public domain. Other djb software is expected to follow over the course of 2008.

* Browse the djb repository at the slackmatic project, for current build recipes and run scripts for nearly all djb software.

* Some new mailfront documentation:

As Bernstein is expected to release more of his software into the public domain during the coming months, we may tinker just a little bit here and there with some of the existing articles.


A new leap second is added to the UTC clock at midnight, 2005.12.31.

Instructions for updating your /etc/leapsecs.dat file are here.


More new pages and updated material since our last news entry! Here are some highlights:


Some new docs for daemontools and friends, including:

And more coming soon!


more djb!

Loads of new docs added to the djb way project over the past few weeks:

And much much more.


Happy New Year!

And just in time to welcome in the new year, the djb way project now debuts its very own domain:

This is the site to visit for your djb straight, no chaser. Read it, link it, and check back often!

Have a great 2004 everyone!

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