the djb way


Where to find things in a filesystem setup "the djb way."


Contains access links to command executables with globally allocated names. Setup with a slashpackage installation, such as daemontools. See for more information.


Base directory for the source and build tree for packages installed with djb's slashpackage methodology. See for more information.

Note: on our systems /package is a symbolic link to /usr/local/package.


Service activation: standard central access directory for daemontools services monitored by svscan. Contains symbolic links to services defined in /var/svc.d.


Collection of access rules for tcpserver services.


Collection of all multilog log directories for logging services setup within daemontools services.


Base directories for the document archives of the publicfile ftpd and httpd servers.


Base directory for a qmail-1.03 installation, including executables (bin/), configuration files (control/), manpages (man/), and the processing queue (queue/).


Service definition: base directory for local daemontools service definitions, for linking into /service/. A daemontools service definition combines features of traditional /etc, /etc/rc.d, /etc/init.d, and /var/run.

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