the djb way

thank you!

Many people have helped make "the djb way" possible, and we owe them our appreciation and gratitude.

At the top of this list is Paula Dickey, to whom this work and its author is forever dedicated.

Of course, there wouldn't be a djb way at all if it weren't for djb himself, The Man, Daniel J. Bernstein (

Then all the many "friends" of djb--both friendly and otherwise--those programmers who have helped to embrace and advance the state of djb ware. We hope we have made the proper attributions within the text of this document. Please let us know if we messed up!

Dave Sill deserves special recognition for his work (, and for providing a copy of his excellent The qmail Handbook to the Radio Email project in Guinea, West Africa.

Many readers have made helpful contributions during the development of this documentation:

It is our intent to provide recognition and attribution wherever possible. If we have overlooked anyone, we regret the omission and ask that you help us correct it. Please write us at

Thank you!

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