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In this section we introduce several other programmers who have found inspiration and methodology in the work of Daniel Bernstein.

Throughout this site we refer to these developers as djb "friends". This is mainly in the sense they have substantially embraced fundamental principles of djb software, adapting them in significant measure for their own projects. By aligning themselves in some way with djb, each is acknowledging an aspiration to meet or surpass the rigorous standards and high quality of djb's own products.

Otherwise, we don't pretend to know anything about anyone's personal associations, or even if they are really very friendly!

What is important here is that the contributions of these "friends" has significantly enriched and extended the scope, currency, and utility of the djb way.

William Baxter

William Baxter has produced a boatload of work designed for the djb way; see for the current catalogue of his projects.

Of particular significance are:

Laurent Bercot

Laurent Bercot has produced a high-quality, easily accessible, general-purpose djb-like library for programmers to use in their projects. It is well-documented and committed to the public domain. See for more information.

See also for a listing of his other projects. These include ucspilogd, a replacement for syslogd.

Bruce Guenter

Bruce Guenter is one of the most prolific of the djb "friends" reviewed here, providing numerous useful packages; see his homepage for a current listing.

Some of the most popular include:

Paul Jarc

Paul Jarc is another djb "friend" whose contributions include:

Felix von Leitner

Felix von Leitner may be best known on the 'net for his dietlibc project for Linux, a complete, minimal replacement for the GNU Standard C library (glibc). The precursor to this work can be found in his libowfat library, a re-worked and much enhanced version of djb's public domain libraries. libowfat (link with -lowfat) is well-documented and provides an excellent resource for those wanting to program "the djb way" with a GPL (unfortunately not LGPL) library.

Felix also offers libdjb, a collection of all Bernstein's public domain library code in a single convenient package. (For completeness, also get Chris Wilke's patches to this library at, which add a couple of missing files to the set.)

Felix offers tons of other useful djb stuff, including libraries, applications, patches and documentation. A few highlights:

Uwe Ohse

Uwe Ohse offers a substantial collection of interesting software projects for the djb explorer:

There's a whole lot more here; in the coming months we hope to give Uwe's work much better coverage.

Gerrit Pape

Gerrit Pape is developing some excellent resources:

Gerrit's packages are released under a BSD-style license, providing a useful alternative for those building embedded systems. We also note that Gerrit uses djb's public-domain libraries verbatim. This provides programmers with another opportunity to freely access djb source code for their own projects.

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