the djb way



Daniel Bernstein's home page for DNS and the djbdns package. The documentation here is thorough and extensive.

Russell Nelson's portal for djbdns things.

Henning Brauer's documentation project, a la "Life with qmail".

A FAQ for djbdns by Felix von Leitner.

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard's "Frequently Given Answers", among which many pertain to DNS in general, and djbdns in particular.

For experienced djbdns pilots, this one page summary in the "Linux notebook" by LNB packs a lot of information together in a clean format for quick reference.

We recently became aware of a flaw in the NAT implementation on a Cisco 67x ADSL router, messing with the data published by tinydns. This page describes a workaround.

DNS and "the djb way" (DaemonNews, Oct 2002)
"Dualling" Nameservers on OpenBSD (guinix TechNote, Feb 2003)

A couple of our earlier articles.

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