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Version: cdb-0.75 (2000.02.19, "beta")
Download: cdb-0.75.tar.gz
MD5 (cdb-0.75.tar.gz) = 81fed54d0bde51b147dd6c20cdb92d51
Build type: djb classic (make setup check)
errno patch: yes

The build/install procedure for the cdb package is the usual "make setup check". The installation procedure described here assumes the source archive will have already been downloaded to your system in /usr/local/djb/dist/cdb-0.75.tar.gz.

Verify the MD5 checksum:

# cd /usr/local/djb/dist
# md5 cdb-0.75.tar.gz
MD5 (cdb-0.75.tar.gz) = 81fed54d0bde51b147dd6c20cdb92d51

If the reported checksum doesn't agree, the package has been altered or corrupted. Delete the package and download it again from a trusted source.

Unpack the tarball into your build directory:

# cd /usr/local/djb/build
# tar -xzvf ../dist/cdb-0.75.tar.gz

You should now find a new directory in /usr/local/djb/build named cdb-0.75. Change into this directory:

# cd cdb-0.75

For systems that require the errno fix, first edit the file named error.h and change the declaration of errno from:

extern int errno


#include <error.h>

Then continue with the usual:

# make
# make setup check

The usual brief snow-storm of compiler message will blow across your screen. When it's done, the package has been built and installed.

Let Bernstein know the package compiled successfully, using your own name in the following:

# (echo 'Beyonce Knowles'; cat `cat SYSDEPS`) | mail 

The next sections provide an overview of the cdb package, followed by an example or two.

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